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Crown restoration

Crown restoration is a method of reshaping a tree, that was topped, improperly pruned, vandalized, damaged by storms or winds, or by any other force, to a more natural form, and growing habit. Topped trees can become a serious problem and eventually ruin the look of a garden, when new brances start growing outward and upward in an attempt to become a new apex. Such overcrowded tops require restoration pruning to help the tree maintain its shape and remove excessive growth, which may collapse the tree under its weight. In many cases it is possible to reshape the tree into a strong, beautiful and safe plant.
The success of the method depends on many factors including species, age, vigor of the tree, the amount of the crown removed, etc. The process normally takes two or three generations of sprouts to restore what was previously lost. Nevertheless, some cases may require complete tree removal due to the substantial amount of damage. Our professional arborists can help you properly diagnose the tree's condition and make the right decision on which type of services best suits your case. Contact us now to get a free estimate
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